April 18, 2009

Easter message

Dear Friends,
Easter is meant to be a time of hope and promise. The reality you are facing currently in Moldova is one filled with violence and uncertainty. People are standing up and demanding justice, those with hearts of courage are saying, ENOUGH!

Jesus stood up to the authorities of his day, he stood with the marginalized and the oppressed. He did not advocate violence as a way to change the oppressive structures but, instead, he spoke of peace, love and compassion.

In these treacherous and tumultuous times, hold in your hearts the knowledge that you walk in the sacred footsteps of Jesus, the activist. Jesus changed the world through love and peace.
This Easter season, all of MCC stands with you.

Remember the promise of hope that arrived that first Easter so long ago when a woman went to a tomb and found it empty. You are loved and we are praying for you and with you.

Happy Easter!
Blessings of hope and prayers for peace,
Rev. Elder Diane Fisher, Bishop
Metropolitan Community Churches

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