April 29, 2008

Christ is risen, Christ is Risen indeed!

I want to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Easter.

Easter is the time of year when I am reminded of the hope that emerges from the tomb, much like the promise of new buds in spring.
The buds hold the promise of a beautiful flower and from some of these buds will come the fruit which nourishes us.

The life of Christ has much to nourish us and fill us with hope. Jesus stood with the marginalized and the oppressed, not the rich and powerful. He preached peace, acceptance and love.

My hope for you this Easter season is that the peace of Christ will grace your lives, the acceptance of Christ will lead to tolerance for all people, and that the love of Christ holds the promise of Human Rights for all people.

Happy Easter, Chisinau.

Rev. Elder Diane Fisher, Bishop
Metropolitan Community Churches

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