March 21, 2008

We need a safe space for spirituality

Here are the results of an opinion poll, launched on the HD blog at the end of January:
in all, on the three language versions of the blog, 25 people responded – 3 to the English version, 7 to the Russian, and 15 to the Romanian.

To the question “As an lgbt representative, do you feel a need for a safe spiritual space in Moldova?
2 people (8%) said they didn’t know
2 people (8%) said they felt no need for something like this
3 people (12%) said that they manage these issues by themselves
18 people (72%) said that they felt the lack of such a space

Looking at these totals, we see that, of the 25 people who participated in the survey, more that 2/3 of them felt the necessity for and the current lack of a safe space for spirituality, a fact which sports our hypotheses and our initiative to work in this direction.

This number is also a sufficient base for starting either a support group or a Bible study group. Our next survey is specifically about this, and we invite you to take an active part in it, so that we can better understand your needs and expectations in this area.
Have a great, inspiring day!

The HD Team

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